New Energy Projects

As early as 3000 B.C., people used wind energy for the first time in the form of sail boats in Egypt. Sails captured the energy in wind to pull a boat across the water. The earliest windmills, came about in the Han-dynasty (25-220 a.c) in the Chinese province of  Liaoning. In the 12th century  the Dutch-type windmill most of us are familiar with was born and was used for almost 1000 years now. Nunner is headquartered in the country of origin of the Dutch-type windmill. We in Holland are not only used to wind, we also know how to take advantage of it. Nunner moved by it’s specialized projectmanagers many wind turbine components from the factory floor to the building sites. It involves handling sensitive and valuable components that can extend to well over a 30 meters  in length and can weigh several tons. Starting with the engineering of the packaging and the transport of these products,  Nunner coordinates the full project including the exact planning and timemanagement to secure that components from all suppliers are on the construction site at the right time and in the right sequence. It goes as far that Nunner even organized the erection of the poles.

Special Products ;
The timeline of solar cells begins in the 19th century when it is observed that the presence of sunlight is capable of generating usable electrical energy. Solar cells have gone on to be used in many applications. They have historically been used in situations where electrical power from the grid is unavailable. Nowadays the solar industry is a highly sophisticated industry offering jobs to millions of people.. Nunner is a  specialist in handlling the logistical needs of the solar industry. We have the insight and we understand the requirements. Since many years Nunner is distributing solarpanels of major suppliers across Europe.