Lead Transport Provider / Control Tower

Nunner acts as an asset-light, expertise-rich entity that leverages a network of asset-based service providers offering contract logistics in combination with freight management and execution (lead logistics services)

We do negotiate, renegotiate or control the rates with customer’s carriers and potental carrier as favorable as possible. We assure the most effective routes or modes of transportation will be used to move your goods. We provide the control you need to proactively optimize your transportation network.

Nunner has advanced technology in place to streamline the management of connected carriers. Unparalleled within the industry, Nunner’s cutting edge technological innovations provide us with the logistical tools to effectively manage our carrierbase . With Nunner’s Transportation Management solution, you have the visibility you need to improve efficiency across every mode of transportation, drive more value from your transportation partners and take control of your entire logistics operation.

We provide transparency, management expertise, purchasing power, network engineering and standard operating practices to help you optimize resources, execute with excellence and continuously improve performance while keeping costs low and customer service high. From planning, procurement and execution to management of your transportation network, Nunner can help you reduce transportation management system costs and improve service levels.

Transportation Management Solutions
– Carrier procurement:

Arranging all modes of transportation, including rate and service negotiation and contract management
– Shipment planning, execution and control via Nunner’s platform :

Managing the shipment process, including order consolidation, route and carrier selection and shipment tracking. Let your carriers plug in into our database and be assured of receiving all data via one platform, in one format
– Freight bill audit and payment:

Auditing, processing, and paying carrier freight bills
– Mode optimization:

Determining the most cost-effective mode(s) of transportation based on historical data given volume, tariffs, delivery constraints