Digitalization, why?

”Don’t you move, the world does” …

Nunner is a company that looks from ‘the outside to the inside’. We take our clients as starting point to make sure that we can deliver in full when it comes down to service and achieve ultimate common win-win goals. Our research is done around the perception of digitalization in the value chain. We have three pillars: ‘the value chain’, ‘product proposition’ and ‘go to market’.

Our research and experiences has shown that 90% of our competitors mostly operating fragmented regarding digitalization. Based on a logistical survey questionnaire, which is held by large multinationals and well known consultancy offices, showed that the current digital maturity within the value chain can be improved. An integral vision is lacking at many companies. The Logistical field describes themselves generally as conservative instead of trendy which gives a lot of room for non-believers. The need for a digital transformation was for Nunner always a very important topic.

Nunner has overseen in an early stage that we had to come up with digital initiatives which are concentrated on improving the change out of information within the entire supply chain. Our focus is to achieve a better cost efficient way of working within our own value chain. Our initiatives and improvements are mostly based on specific questions from clients and based on creating common win-win situations. Where other companies hardly will look at what technologies are available and how they are supportive, Nunner has since a few years state-of-the-art software in place to service her customers in full. We have asked ourselves questions like: “Where do we have to choose for?”, It is not about digitalizing, but relations and how to manage our relations?”.

Clients nowadays wants to have possibilities to check on every specific time the actual status. There is an enormous need of data. Nunner makes a difference to share KPI overviews. With our online tools clients can have real life access. Clients can actually process the underlying information in their own reporting systems.

A link can be made with a tailored supply chain, where each delivery model asks for specific KPI’s to be measured. Nunner is proud to inform you that we have this already in place to meet customer needs. This makes Nunner very flexible to support our clients in achieving common goals and have the best service. Expectations are increasing about service and delivery options. With our unique IT and CRM-system, we are able to meet all customer needs.

Our portals and specific software applications will be more and more important to share different type of documents. The Logistical field is traditionally based on sharing hard copies. An online portal takes away unnecessary hard copies and makes it possible to have all documents saved. Here is a win-win situation through the complete value chain. At this moment we are investigating in implementing a portal to share documents without sharing hard-copies.

Nunner overseas an upcoming trend regarding the use of apps for mobile devices. This will have big impact on how we do things today in a logistical environment and beyond. At this moment we are investigating in implementing mobile apps to meet customer expectations and working towards the use of ‘hardcopies’.