Nunner offers groupageservices, less than truckload (LTL) and full truck toads (FTL) every day, from anywhere to everywhere in Europe and CIS, fast and reliable. Also hazardous cargo (ADR). Our name is a promise!

Nunner has an extensive network of own locations and agents all over Europe and the CIS countries that work all according to the challenging and unbeatable Nunner standards. Nunner works with Europe’s best carriers and has a fleet of 1500 trucks available to fulfil customers needs. Customers relying on Nunner during all seasons will not face capacity issues in peakseasons or at the end of the year!

Moving goods from A to B is the basis of the service. This means loading punctual, transporting safe and delivering punctual without damages and no manco’s. We do it Better, Cheaper and Faster.

We measure our “on time loading”, our “on time delivery (within timeslot)”. We measure our “quality”. We measure (our customers) “costs”. We measure our “carbon footprint”. All deviations are registered and will be subject to Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Corrective Action Programs and depending on the nature of the deviation it will go into PDCA cycles. Nunner’s KPI’s are strict. Nevertheless we score 99,9% on all critical ones.

Nunner controls each shipment from door to door and we deliver IOD (Information on Delivery) and POD (Proof of Delivery) electronically or via our trackingzone.

Customer satisfaction with Nunner’s customers is legendary and very high

Your benefits

1. You save time
– Nunner’s daily departures and controlled sophisticated network assures timely pick up, immediate departure and fast delivery to destination
– Deviations will be noticed immediately and pro-active actions will be taken to ensure ontime delivery

2. You save costs
– Due to Nunner’s volumes optimal combination possibilities and routes are created ensuring lowest costs
– Nunner’s processes are smooth, controlled and stable. No disruption of daily activity by complaints of stakeholders. Customer can focus on core-business.
– Excellent 2-way EDI capacities minimizes communication by phone or email. This saves time, and time is money

3. You have full transparancy
– We control the shipments and information flow from door to door
– On line data available about status of shipment incl IOD and/or POD
– Periodical detailed reporting on freight spend
– Periodical detailed reporting on transittime performance
– Periodical detailed reporting on quality
– Periodical detailed reporting on carbon emission