Container Devanning / Stripping / Paletizing

You’ve shipped your merchandise and utilized Nunner Oceanfreight or any other LSP to transport your containers to its port of destination. Nunner takes care for  drayage from any port as the first step.  After receiving your goods and transporting them to our, or our agents facilities, Nunner  will take care to carefully strip your containers and inventory your available products.

Stripping or devanning is one of the most arduous tasks of the logistics process. Nunner provides a dedicated team to ensure each container is stripped and inventoried. Our staff will relieve you of the burdens of emptying each container providing an efficient and cost effective way to keep your business running smoothly.

After your containers have been stripped and inventoried, the most efficient storage method is to palletize the product. By creating product pallets, your merchandise is more easily  stored, organized and transported. Distribution becomes much easier, as the relevant pallet needs only to be identified and shipped out when it is required. Each of our experienced staff members has undergone extensive training in operational efficiency. By trusting Nunner with the palletizing of your product, you are making a choice that will streamline your business right away