Our environment

Nunner believes it has a moral obligation to do everything to deliver leading logistics solutions while minimizing impact on the environment. This means ensuring our operations are safe and secure.

Nunner offers logistic services including storage and transport of non-hazardous and hazardous substances. Our staff and suppliers have to be familiar with the characteristics of these substances and take strict precautions not only to protect themselves but also to prevent that any of these substances will be spilled in the environment. Numerous employees received specific emergency response training in first aid, evacuations, chemical spillage handling, process gas leakage control and firefighting. We carriy out emergency drills on a regular basis. In addition,

As part of our commitment to behave responsibly, we invest time and resources in ensuring that our operations meet stringent environmental standards and that we use environmental resources in the most efficient way possible. Steps are taken to:

1. Employ and support investmenst in highest EURO engines to lower our and our customers carbon footprint
2. Encourage our shortseacarriers to invest in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) operated vessels to lower our and our customers carbon footprint
3. Engineer environmentally optimum solutions to lower our customers carbon footprint
4. Use energy in our buildings efficiently and lower our carbon footprint.
5. Reduce, recover and recycle company waste.
6. Use water efficiently.
7. Deal responsibly with other environmental issues.

Nunner is ISO 14001 certified and a member of Greenfreight Europe where we are activly contributing to standardize measurementstandards for carbon footprint. Nunner lowered the carbonfootprint for it’s customers the last years substantially.