Our customers

Nunner’s  top priority is to provide our customers with the best possible logistics services. We serve our customers with a wide range of services that are backed up by sophisticated IT solutions. Our customers include numerous Fortune 500 companies but also many smaller companies. We feel that we have a strong responsibility to not only our customers but also to the customers of our customers, which we take very seriously.

We aim to enhance customer satisfaction through strong relationships. An important part of this is building a relationship based on trust. We strive to meet the needs of our customers by regular review and alignment at all levels on market developments, supplychain roadmaps, support requirements and business terms. When aligning our plans and roadmaps with our customers we pay attention to costs and to the complexity of the solutions we offer them. Our long-term relationship with our customers has been further developed as part of our customer productivity programs in which we develop intelligent logistics solutions in order to reduce logistics costs for our customers year after year.

We have several ways of enhancing our relationships with customers:

– Periodical personal face to face business review meetings on operational and executive level
– Electrionical integration through 2-way EDI connections giving full transparency on all activities performed.
– Meeting and exceeding customer expectations on:

1.         Delivery speed
2.         Logistics costs
3.         Delivery on time (in timeslots)
4.         Pro-active reporting
5.         Productivity (costsavings)
6.         Reaction time to any request of customer

Our integrated relationships with our suppliers allow for total virtual customer integration.

Nunner want to be  the number one trusted partner for our customers. This  led us to develop dedicated account teams, tasked with forming strong personal relationships with our customers and to understand all customer’s needs and requirements in detail. We have regularly scheduled business review meetings with all major customers to discuss all relevant issues in the business and relationship. In addition to the business review meetings, we also have QHSE &IT review meetings between major customers and our QHSE  and IT executives at least once a year in order to identify customers expectations and present Nunner’s capabilities and inniatives to fulfil future customer needs..

Dedicated account teams respond promptly in the event of complaints. We report to customers transparently trhough our issues log including root cause analyises and continuous improvement programs (a.o. PDCA cycle)