ISO 26000

Corporate Social Responsibility is the main ingredient of the way NUNNER performs its business. NUNNER Logistics B.V., declares NEN and ISO 26000: 2010, Societal Responsibility of Organizations, has been applied for all the NUNNER Logistics entities.

NUNNER Logistics B.V. has examined, assessed and described according the basis of the process written in NPR 9026 + C1: 2012.

The organization explains the principles and guidelines of BS ISO 26000: 2010 to apply and to guarantee that this will be secured on a continuous basis. In the context of this statement, NUNNER Logistics B.V. requires themselves to review and evaluate a minimum of self-examination once a year.

The organization provides this self-declaration substantiation and elaboration of the choices made with respect to its social responsibility in the following areas:

• Writing and apply the seven principles of CSR
• Identify and involve stakeholders
• The seven CSR themes and 37 CSR topics
• Integration of social responsibility within the organization

Nunner Logistics ISO26000 (download pdf)