Green Freight Europe

Nunner Logistics is an active member of Green Freight Europe.
“GreenFreight Europe aims to be recognized as the leading independent voluntary program for improving environmental performance of road freight transport in Europe.”

Green Freight Europe’s mission:
“The initiative aims to provide a single platform to which shippers and carriers input operational data necessary to calculate, validate and benchmark the environmental performance of their transport operations. The platform is run by a neutral and independent host which ensures the confidentiality of information and the transparency of the process.”

The program drives reductions of carbon emissions by:
1. Establishing a platform for monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions, to assist in the procurement of transportation Logo green_freight_europeservices and based on existing standards
2. Promoting collaboration between carriers and shippers in driving improvement actions and monitoring progress
3. Establishing a certification system to reward shippers and carriers who fully participate in the program.

It is also the platform for companies to share best practices, promote innovations and communicate sustainability improvements on European road freight. Furthermore, GreenFreight Europe fosters cooperation with other related initiatives, programs and working groups globally. For an overview on our partners please go to “LINK ASSOC” and “LINKG KNOWLEDGE”

GreenFreight Europe aims to work closely with European politics and other relevant stakeholders. First focus will be on road transport. In a next phase other modalities and multi-modal operations might be added to the program.