Nunner academy


Business - team presentation on whiteboardAt Nunner we know that  exceptional customer service is necessary. We allocate a budget every year for customer service initiatives and employee development.

How do we do that ? We train our people on the job, on how our systems work, how the procedures are etc. This is extremely important due to our highly sophisticated processes.. It teaches our employees to do something step by step.

On the other hand we educate our people about how to think about service in any condition and then choose the best action to take (and think outside the box) depending on the situation. Customer comments, compliments, complaints, and competitive information are all key for this.

Planning workNUNNER offers education to its employees. We incorporate all aspects of our service culture in our education Together with Indicia Total Performance we developed our own NUNNER TOTAL PERFORMANCE ACADEMY where our associates are educated to develop their general competences and competences that are key for their daily performance. We focus a.o. on uniformity, exceed customers expectations, internal cooperation, teambuilding, personal development and more

Nunner staff understands that sticking to the script and providing the service isn’t enough. Great service is not just about following a procedure or a sequence of steps. It’s about applying our service mindset to proven service principles.

reference INDICIA TPA